Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex: Perfect for remote work and more

The popularization of remote and hybrid work in recent years has made more and more people pay attention to their equipment and, as a result, do not want to use weak and uncomfortable devices. Those who often answer phone calls or participate in audio and video conferences should be particularly interested in finding the perfect headphones for themselves, because these can take the pleasure of work and its efficiency to a completely higher level.

The latest proposal from Jabra, known primarily for its in-ear headphones, Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex, tries to achieve exactly this goal. On paper, it offers practically all the features that a busy and busy person who requires frequent participation in long-distance conversations could expect. But how does this headset work in practice?


I do not know about you, but when unpacking an expensive product, I like to be reminded at every step that I am dealing with a premium device. I’m not talking about filling the cardboard box with empty marketing slogans, but more about making the “unboxing experience” itself worthy of something that costs a lot of money.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex comes to us in a black cardboard box with a paper T-shirt with prints on it. It is from it that we learn that it is this particular model, and we are also informed about its main features.

The manufacturer boasts the following features:

  • unique folding design,
  • high-quality sound,
  • ANC,
  • new fit Jabra AirComfort,
  • certification of cooperation with Microsoft Teams.

On the back of the package we find a short note about the company and additional mentions about the available Jabra Sound+ software for download and support for Amazon Alexa and operation with the iPhone.

After removing the T-shirt from the box, we will see the inscription, which can be translated as: “It’s what’s inside that counts (that’s why we reduced the pressure on the packaging).” Inside, we find information that the box is made of certified paper that can be recycled.

Jabra therefore values ​​caring for our planet more than shouting to every person looking at the packaging that it is a premium product. If it works, then maybe this is actually better, and I should change my approach?


But back to the actual product. Inside the box we will find not only headphones, but also a fairly rich set of accessories. They include:

  • USB-A to USB-C cable,
  • felt cover,
  • adapter Bluetooth,
  • USB-A inductive charger (without cube),
  • papierologia.

The included cable is not braided and its length is about 120 cm. By default, it is bent, and straightening it is not the easiest task. This is associated with tangling and generally not very comfortable use of headphones on the cable. However, this should not be a common problem, because Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex primarily focuses on a wireless connection.

It is nice that we get a dongle in the set to connect the headphones to the computer, but some may wonder one thing – why Bluetooth and not 2.4 GHz? I was wondering this too until I read the product specs. Headphones designed for Jabra hybrid work … do not offer a wireless connection other than Bluetooth 5.2. This is no small problem, but I will tell you exactly why in later sections.

A very nice addition is the felt cover, which not only fits folded headphones perfectly, but also has a special pocket for the wireless adapter. Thanks to this, we can take the whole set on a trip and not worry that we will not be able to connect to the computer without Bluetooth support. In addition, the cover does a great job of protecting the headphones from damage and takes up little space in the backpack.

The presence of an inductive charger may be a surprise, but – as it turns out – Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex supports wireless charging. Interestingly, on the manufacturer’s website, the charger is not forced to us, because we can buy a headset without it, saving a few hundred at the same time. This is great because not everyone needs such an addition.


The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex are on-ear headphones, but not circumaural. This means that although we put them on the head, the ears do not hide in large shells, and instead the earmuffs overlap the surface of the auricles. This can significantly reduce comfort for some people whose ears are used to circumaural models. Fortunately, I did not have this problem, but if someone has it, the Jabra brand also offers around-ear headphones from the Evolve2 85 series.

There’s no denying this headset’s stylish appearance. We are dealing here with a minimalist design that uses a thin headband and small earcups. Most of the construction is made of plastic, but it is durable enough that you don’t have to worry about any cracks. The strategic elements are metal, which significantly improves resistance to all falls and impacts.

Both earcups are able to rotate up to 90 degrees inward, thanks to which the headphones can be conveniently hung around the neck. In addition, the headband can be bent right next to the joints with the earcups, as a result of which the headphones become very compact and do not take up much space. This allows for more efficient transport (for example, in the included cover, which fits just right).

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex are almost entirely black, with the exception of the gray joints of the earcups with the headband. I think that the choice of color is perfect in this case, because the black headphones are not so conspicuous, and the purpose of this model is not to make everyone around pay attention to us. Nevertheless, I must admit that walking around the city with them on my head felt more eyes on me. Did people like their stylish look that much?


The adjustment of the headband has been reinforced with metal elements, probably aluminum. Adjusting it to your head is not a problem, although the degrees are not noticeable in any way – the adjustment is completely smooth. However, it puts enough resistance so that when removing the headphones, you do not accidentally fold the headband to its default state.

The upper part, the one pressing on the top of the head, is lined with soft foam, covered with black eco-leather. I have to admit that I have never in my life had to deal with such a soft foam on the headband. Thanks to this, the headphones do not press on my head in any way and I almost do not feel that I have them on. This is undoubtedly also influenced by the weight, which is only 137 grams.

We should also mention the flexibility of the headband, which is at a high level. I am able to stretch it really wide and it will not break, and after releasing it will return to its original form. This brings two advantages: firstly, everyone, regardless of head size, will have no problems putting on these headphones and will not feel excessive pressure from the sides, and secondly – possible falls will be cushioned by this flexibility.

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