Playing with a “cloud” on your head. HyperX presents the Cloud III gaming headset

HyperX decided it was high time for Cloud II to get a successor. Soon the popular headphones will be replaced by the Cloud III model , which seems to be a worthy continuation of the series.

HyperX Cloud II – 8 years in gaming

8 years is a long time from the player’s perspective. In 2015, The Witcher 3 debuted, next-gen consoles barely made their home on the market, and Nintendo Switch was just rumored. The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset also debuted this year . Soon we will be able to get acquainted with the next model in the series – the Cloud III set.

We’re excited to finally introduce the Cloud III, the next generation of the Cloud Series headset. HyperX Cloud has always been the most comfortable gaming headset on the market, and with Cloud III we decided to delve into what gamers loved about Cloud II and improve every aspect of the headset. We improved comfort with new materials and fit. We improved the sound by redesigning our drivers and improving their tuning. We’ve also improved the communication function by adding a 10mm noise-canceling microphone with an internal metal mesh pop filter.Marcu Hermann, Head of PC Gaming at HyperX

The basis of the new Cloud III headphones are newly designed drivers with a diameter of 53 millimeters, which have been embedded at an angle. Thanks to DTS Headphone:X technology, 3D spatial sound will increase your immersion during the game.

Both the cushions and the headband are padded with memory foam, which on the one hand will effectively isolate the ears from ambient sounds, and on the other hand will make long gaming sessions not tiring for the head.

For communication with other players, a microphone with increased sensitivity with a noise reduction function and a metal mesh pop filter will be used . Although Cloud III remains faithful to wired solutions, connecting the device to any platform available on the market will not be a problem. In addition to the 3.5 mm audio jack, the box will include adapters for USB-A and USB-C sockets.

Cirro Buds Pro – gaming headset without wires

In addition to Cloud III, HyperX also showed the TWS Cirro Buds Pro wireless headphones at the ongoing Computex 2023 . These are equipped with dynamic 8-mm drivers, and as part of the perfect fit of the set to the ear, the set includes tips in three different sizes. The connection is made via Bluetooth 5.2 standard.

Charging the headphones from zero to full takes about 40 minutes, and together with the case we can count on 35 hours of operation of the set. Noise reduction takes place in both active and hybrid modes, and the fleas themselves are waterproof at the IPX4 level.

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