HONOR Magic 5 Lite: The magic detector didn’t work

Magic can be associated mainly with the ability to cast spells. Does the HONOR Magic 5 Lite available in Europ have the potential to become a powerful wizard in its class?

Charming school

Say what you will, but magic based on illusion is one of the most powerful schools (hypothetically speaking, of course). Distorting reality so that we see what we want to see, and not necessarily perceive it as it is. For illusions, you don’t need to use magic, which, unfortunately, does not exist in our world. Let smartphones serve as an example of a “non-magical illusion”.

Manufacturers are able to spread the vision that their device is the most beautiful and best of all. They use various tricks – the language used, economic aspects or targeting this small element of “vanity”. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong and the whole charm is broken, showing the true face of the equipment.

Did the HONOR Magic 5 Lite charm me? Or maybe his real “face” is not so great after all? Or maybe it’s a painfully ordinary smartphone? Find out more by reading this review.

Colorful back and first impressions

Before I start looking at the Magic 5 Lite closely, it would be worth checking what such a large sales box has to offer. It turns out that not much. Despite the large amount of space at the bottom, we only find a USB-C cable for charging the device.

In a segment where every zloty counts, I do not fully understand the lack of a charger, especially since there is too much space in the package. At least the spike for the SIM tray has not been forgotten. But let’s put the box aside – most of you would end up somewhere at the bottom of the drawer anyway, and let’s move on to the beauty of the device.

HONOR came to me in my favorite color, which I prefer to call “who-know-what”. Because is it consistent with the English name “Titanium Silver”, translated into Polish “tobacco silver”? Or should we call it “multicolor” given the riot of colors that appear when we rotate the device? Let’s put the nomenclature aside. It is important that a phone with this color option automatically gets 0.5 points up for style. The question is whether the rest of the design will defend the developed advantage.

As a side note, I will add that access to this color in Poland may be a bit difficult. In the official distribution at the time of writing the review, only the green variantand the black one are available.

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