Roborock S7 Max Ultra: A few steps forward, a few steps back

It has been available on the market for some time . Now a model with a very similar name is available for sale, which can be very confusing. We are talking about Roborock S7 Max Ultra – yes, you see right, the difference in name is only V. What does it actually mean?

Roborock S7 Max Ultra vs Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

A few things. First of all, higher suction power – 5500 Pa (vs 5100 Pa), lower vacuum cleaner power – 60 W (vs 74 W), smaller dust container – 350 ml (vs 400 ml), no camera thanks to which we could watch the cleaning process, but and the presence of the mop pad drying function, which seems to be the most important here. It should also be added that object recognition is based on Reactive Tech technology, not ReactiveAI 2.0, so it takes place without the participation of the camera and artificial intelligence. 

In addition, the change took place in the robot itself, and specifically in its individual elements. In the S7 MaxV Ultra model, you could easily remove the water tank and the mopping pad from the robot, while in the S7 Max Ultra, for some reason, this option was missing – the only thing we can do is remove the mop cloth to undergo a more serious washing in the washing machine or replace it when it wears out too much (if you buy it separately).

If you are interested, I immediately refer to the full specification of Roborock S7 Max Ultra:

  • suction power: 5500 Pascals,
  • vacuum cleaner power: 60 W,
  • dust container capacity: 350 ml,
  • capacity of water containers (separately for clean and dirty water): 200 ml,
  • battery: 5200 mAh, working time: up to 180 hours,
  • charging and emptying station with the function of mop washing and water replenishment,
  • automatic return to the base after cleaning, auto-emptying, mopping pads washing and drying,
  • lifting mopping pads – up to 5 mm,
  • support for Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri Shortcuts,
  • laser room mapping system,
  • IR camera with obstacle avoidance system 
  • navigation: LDS,
  • side brush,
  • robot dimensions: 35.3 x 35 x 9.65 cm,
  • robot weight: 12.9 kg.

I have been a satisfied Dreame L10s Ultra user since October . The fact that I have been in contact with it for so long means that each subsequent vacuum cleaner that passes through my hands has a really high bar. And it doesn’t matter that it is my daily equipment, and the fact that it vacuums, cleans and washes itself – it is virtually maintenance-free, except that you sometimes need to add water to the clean water tank and pour dirty water from the second container . 

It actually has two disadvantages – while mopping, it does not reach the edges of the floors and it has only one side brush. Currently, we will have to pay about PLN 4,289 for it, and it is worth mentioning the presence of the camera, which we will not see in Roborock.

How does the Roborock S7 Max Ultra tested today work against it? Time to check it out.

Contents of the sales kit – the necessary minimum

Admittedly, I’m a bit disappointed. In the sales set, apart from the vacuum cleaner itself and the base, we will find only one spare waste bag (with a capacity of 2.5 liters – it is supposed to last for about 7 weeks of use) and … that’s it. 

There is neither a spare side brush, nor a spare mop pad, nor – even less – a knife to help remove hair or hair tangled around the main brush or any brush to help keep the robot / station itself tidy.

It is also difficult for me to say how the availability of consumable parts will be, but – given that they are identical to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra – there should be no problem.

Robot and base

Unlike the version with V in the name, the equipment tested today is not all black, which personally makes me very happy (although such a version is also available). All because the black elements get dirty faster – they catch dust almost immediately and you have to wipe them often. And yet, dealing with the most maintenance-free equipment, we would also prefer to avoid this obligation … 😉

The robot itself is nothing special, so let me focus mainly on the fact that it is equipped with a rubber main brush (no hair or pet hair gets caught in it), one side brush (wish it had two for better sweeping of dirt under the main brush) and a mopping pad in a standard shape. It also has a small water tank and a separate one for dust or dirt, so if not for the station included in the set, it could act as a standard vacuum cleaner. 

Of course, it would require manual emptying of the tanks (which could be difficult, because you already know that the water tank is not removable), as well as washing the mopping pad and drying it. The presence of the station makes it a lot easier – and it is worth spending a long time on it, because it is thanks to it that you can say that this robot is mostly maintenance-free. 

Let’s start with the fact that the station is equipped with two tanks – one for clean water, from which water is automatically dispensed into the tank placed directly in the robot, and the other for dirty water – as you can guess, water gets there from the robot after the mopping process is completed. Then the process of drying the mopping pad takes place, which is a novelty in relation to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. 

The station also has space for a large, although not the largest, waste bag (2.5 liters), which receives all the dust and dirt from the robot after the cleaning cycle is completed. 

The base is quite large and while it can fit under the TV cabinet, I do not recommend such a location – it effectively blocks access to the water containers, and I am convinced that you will reach for them quite often.

What else is worth knowing is the fact that there are sensors under the tanks and, if one is not placed correctly, we will find an appropriate notification in the application. And I only know this because it happened that the clean water container did not make contact as it should.

From the point of view of usability, a diode informing about the charging status of the robot may be useful – when it is charging, it lights up red.

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