LEGO 2K Drive: I can play these racers!

LEGO 2K Drive is a racing game with Danish bricks in the lead role. As a bricks psychofan and a person identifying himself as a gamer, I could not pass by this production indifferently. What does LEGO 2K Drive look like ? What modes does it offer and, most importantly, is it worth bothering with? I invite you to go with me on a journey that will allow you to build your own opinion!


When the editorial office received a proposal to test the latest LEGO game, I immediately knew that it had to go to me. Ultimately, we are talking about blocks that I love in almost every form! From games (great LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga ), through stationary models for assembly (for example, the one I assembled when reviewing OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G ), to large sets with various types of mechanisms (like ).

Anyway, if it wasn’t for the fact that I already have enough working tablets and laptops, not to mention a full-fledged PC, I would probably be interested in the promotion prepared by Lenovo on the occasion of Children’s Day. But let’s get back to the leitmotif, which is LEGO 2K Drive . Blocks are definitely in my circle of interests, but racing games are something I don’t really like. Forza Horizon drew me in for a while, but after a few hours (and getting a premium car) it was forgotten…

Will LEGO 2K Drive keep me for longer? I don’t know, although I’ve had a lot of fun so far and, unlike the absurdly bad Redfall , this game stays on my hard drive! That actually gives you a spoiler that I had a really good time with it.

But let’s not get ahead of the facts…

Assembling a computer…

… which will pull the production I reviewed is not the slightest problem! Ultimately, the minimum system requirements include components such as Intel Core i5 4690 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 960. The value of RAM should not keep anyone awake either, because we are talking about 8 GB, while the entire 12 GB should be prepared for the game on the disk. .

Considering the recently released AAA games and those that are yet to be released, this does not sound like an excessive requirement, does it? As for the platform on which I tested the game – the same as in the case of Redfall .

Looking at the mentioned system requirements of the tested production, my PC should not have any problems with launching it and maintaining a stable number of frames. I don’t think there’s much point in keeping you in suspense, so I’ll confirm right away that that’s exactly what happened. The game was running nice and even larger amounts of blocks on the screen, accompanied by explosions, were not the slightest problem. Wait… what explosions?!

It’s a racing game, isn’t it? Which did not…?

Well, yes, but not entirely. Or rather yes, but not only…? Well, basically the point is that there are some interesting mechanics in racing. First, our vehicle rebuilds itself, depending on the type of route. Driving on the road, we use the car, entering off-road areas, the type of vehicle changes to something more off-road.

An attempt to drown any of them will always end in a fiasco, because contact with water changes our four-wheeler into a boat. During one race, we are able to drive three completely different means of transport. The rebuild itself, however, is audible and just sounds great!

Another important element is… reinforcements! During the race, we can collect them from various places on the route and either use them or leave them. If we decide on the latter option, we cannot change it until we use up the current one. Collecting another boost will not change anything, we will still only have the previous one. Oh and we can only have one at a time, so there’s no buff queue…

There are several reinforcements. We have stud cannons that track our rivals who somehow managed to overtake us, there is a rocket that we can send in the direction of the current leader or a spider web, the throw of which will effectively make life difficult for the poor person who gets tangled in it. There will also be a pulse that gives us a shield and, by the way, disables nearby enemies, a ghost mode, thanks to which we pass through obstacles without any penalties (or rewards), and several others.

My favorite, however, is the one whose name I don’t know, but it makes us take the lead almost immediately. The player has no exclusivity for any of them, except perhaps for the latter. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any bot using it (another issue is that it’s a fairly rare boost). So every race is completely unpredictable!

Which mode are you choosing today?

LEGO 2K Drive has several different game modes, each offering a slightly different experience. The most basic is the story, a campaign in which we travel through Klockoland, completing tasks, engaging in activities on the map, acquiring new vehicles and upgrades, and defeating opponent after opponent to have the opportunity to face top drivers in a prestigious tournament. Ah, and defeat Shadow-Za, who (as the name suggests) is the main villain of the production. By the way, I really like the Shadow-Z translation into our language 😉

What's your reaction?

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