Logitech Brio 300: It would be perfect if not for one thing

In recent days I had the opportunity to test the Logitech Brio 300 webcam, which has several characteristics. Is it worth buying this device and, above all, to which group of recipients is it addressed?

Logitech Brio 300 is a characteristic webcam

There is a certain group of devices that is very ungrateful to test, because often there are no new “goodies”, additional gadgets, and it simply fulfills its specific task and is unnoticeable during the daily routine. This description fits perfectly with webcams in which it is difficult for producers to reinvent the wheel.

For several years, a tendency to create many similar devices can be observed. These often do not stand out with their design, and in everyday use they are similar to each other. Against the background of bland cameras, the Logitech Brio 300 model stands out. Why?

It has its own character, is well designed and, above all, not only looks good, but also works decently (if we manage to connect it to the target device, which will not be that easy). In fact, this webcam has only one drawback, which for many can cross it off the shopping list – but more on that below!

Logitech Brio 300 Specs:

  • dimensions: 65.63 x 53.1 x 45mm,
  • weight: 74.6g,
  • cable: 1.5 m, USB-C,
  • camera: 2 megapixels,
  • recording resolution: 1080p or 720p,
  • frames per second: 30,
  • diagonal field of view: 70°,
  • hardware zoom: 1x digital zoom,
  • focus: fixed,
  • microphone: mono, range up to 1.22 meters,
  • additional: RightLight 2 technology.

As we can see, it is a relatively light webcam, with not very large dimensions, equipped with a 1.5-meter cable. The mounted microphone picks up the sound even from a slightly greater distance than that guaranteed by the manufacturer, which is also a plus. What’s more, it has no noise, does not collect too many unnecessary sounds from the environment and is quite enough to conduct conversations.

Logitech Brio 300 is a unique look and nice design

After unpacking a simple box (a small cardboard box, nothing special), in which there are not many elements (in fact, it’s just a camera + a small manual), I saw the Logitech Brio 300 and immediately visually this gem stole my heart. It is quite a unique piece in an oval shape. The surface is covered not only with white paint, but also with a series of small dots that give character.

What’s more, the whole thing has been designed so that the hinge responsible for opening the webcam works properly and with a little effort it can be opened with one hand, although I recommend using two. This allows it to be properly attached to the top of the monitor. It is worth emphasizing that if we manage to place the camera in the target place, we do not have to be afraid that it will fall off. The construction is properly designed and holds up well.

Logitech Brio 300 is characterized by a construction made of plastic. Fortunately, it is not shoddy plastic and the surface is pleasant to the touch, and in addition the whole thing does not look “cheap Chinese”.

Interestingly, the manufacturer ensures that the copies are partly made of recycled materials. This solution will surely appeal to some people. What’s more, this makes each Logitech Brio 300 unique in its own way.

The hinge, designed to hold the webcam on the monitor, resembles a clip, but in fact there is no additional mechanism. The two ends are covered with rubber, so they will not scratch the monitor housing. After mounting the device on the monitor, we can still adjust it to ourselves in the range of up and down. In this way, we will choose the right frame. The design does not allow left-right rotation. The camera is a single unit, which means that the permanently attached 1.5 meter cable cannot be detached from it. This is a terrible idea, due to the fact that its termination is USB-C. But we’ll come back to that below.

The main module of Brio 300 is the webcam itself. There is a lens, microphone and a subtle diode that informs us about the operation of the device. For this, we can also use the cap to cover the lens. In the era when many people cover cameras with tape, this is quite a useful solution.

Someone didn’t really think the connection through

While the first impressions of the Logitech Brio 300, even before connecting, were positive, the first flaw quickly came to light. The end of the cable of this webcam is USB-C, which I have already mentioned. The sense of such a solution? No.

I will say more – this may be the reason why many people will give up buying this device and no wonder. What is the point of mounting such a tip when a fairly large number of PCs do not yet have USB-C inputs?

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