According to Ducati, an electric motorcycle does not make sense yet. There are several reasons

Not all manufacturers are fully convinced of electric motorcycles. Ducati currently does not intend to enter the world of electromobility more strongly, because such a two-wheeler could have unacceptable disadvantages.

“The Future Is Electric”

Some companies, known for the production of motorcycles, often the really powerful and loud ones, are already entering electromobility. A good example is Harley-Davidson, which has already shown an electric motorcycle, and what is more, it has established a separate brand , which will soon consist of more electrics.

Ducati, an Italian company that gained recognition thanks to fast racers, already in 2019 had ambitious plans related to electric motorcycles. Claudio Domenicali, CEO, stated at the time that the future was electric.

We also learned that the manufacturer will soon start production of its first electric motorcycle. For many people, the above words meant that Ducati already has a prototype model, and what is more, it will probably soon introduce more electric motorcycles to its offer.

Unfortunately, possibly for some fans of loud exhausts on motorcycles “fortunately”, the words of the general manager have not been fulfilled. In addition, there are voices that we will have to wait a long time for an electrician.

Electric motorcycles are not in the near future

Francesco Milicia, Member of the Board and Vice President of Global Sales, recently addressed the topic of electric Ducati. Milicia pointed out that compared to combustion machines, taking into account the current development of technology, an electrician simply does not make sense.

According to the vice-president of the brand, such a two-wheeler cannot guarantee the right level of pleasure, range, and would also be too heavy. Customers who reach for sports motorcycles would be disappointed.

The CEO of the Italian company also spoke on the matter . He pointed out that the biggest problem is the batteries – too heavy and too inefficient. Ducati intends to follow their development and hopes to introduce a satisfactory solution that will eliminate the current shortcomings. Claudio Domenicali has high hopes for solid-state batteries, which can significantly change the perception of not only electric motorcycles, but also cars.

Probably in the future we will see an electric motorcycle from this Italian brand. But now we have to wait.

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