Amazfit T-Rex Ultra: The beast among smartwatches

Iremember very well that when preparing the news about the premiere of Amazfit T-Rex Ultra I wrote that it is a real tank among smartwatches. My impression has not changed much after quite long tests of this watch. The most important thing is that it is not equipment for everyone, but rather aimed at a specific group of recipients. I invite you to a detailed description of what this beast can do.

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra Specification:

  • 1.39 inch AMOLED display, 454 x 454 pixels, brightness up to 1000 nits,
  • water resistance 10 ATM, shock resistance, temperature -40° – +70°, resistance to humidity, dust and sand, certificates EN13319, ISO6245, MIL-STD-810,
  • wifi,
  • bluetooth,
  • gps,
  • 500mAh battery,
  • dimensions: 47.3 × 47.3 × 13.45 mm,
  • weight: 89g,
  • compatibility: Android 7.0 and higher or iOS 12 higher,
  • sensors: accelerometer, pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, magnetometer, light sensor, barometric altimeter,
  • activity tracking: BioTracker 3.0 PPG.

Kit contents and first impressions

Certainly people who have already found my previous reviews will not be surprised, so we start with the box and see if we can read something interesting from it. Although for many of you it may seem like an unnecessary waste of time to write and then read a piece of text about the packaging, you may be wrong. Very often, manufacturers put features on them that they simply want to show off, and for me it is a clear indication of what to pay more attention to when testing equipment.

The first, outer box looks quite standard and looks the same as with most Amazfits, although it is noticeably larger and thicker than the packaging I previously tested Amazfit GTR Mini . On the front of the box there is a graphic depicting the device, as well as the manufacturer’s logo and the name of the watch model. “UP YOUR GAME” is written on the sides of the packaging.

On the back of the box, the manufacturer highlighted several features of the watch. The first is the “mud-resistant stainless steel construction” – but we’ll look at that in a moment. Further specifications include durability up to 30 meters underwater, dual-band GPS, ultra-low temperature capability and super-long battery life. As far as possible, we will look at all these aspects in detail in this review.

Inside the packaging I described above, there is another, this time a white box, on the upper part of which there is only an embossed manufacturer’s logo. This gives a kind of feeling that in a moment we will be dealing with a premium class device. After opening the box, we see the inscription “UP YOUR GAME” on a smaller box, in which there are: instructions and a cable for charging the watch. Under it is the main point of the program, i.e. Amazfit T-Rex Ultra.

Briefly summarizing the first impressions of putting on a wristwatch, I can say that I was shocked. I expected a really crude construction that would not fit well in the hand and, due to its weight and thickness, would interfere with everyday use. However, reality showed me how wrong I was.

Although the T-Rex Ultra is much heavier than most wearable devices available on the market, wearing it does not cause any discomfort and after a while you get used to it so much that you practically do not feel that you have it on your hands. Its size is also not exaggerated in my opinion, thanks to which it lies quite nicely on the wrist. However, let’s move on to a more detailed description of how this tank looks among smartwatches .

Powerful design and build quality

At first glance, you can see that this watch is designed to withstand a lot. Although this is a new model from the manufacturer, its construction is very similar to the Amazfit T-Rex 2 . However, it is hardly surprising, after all, it is simply the latest smartwatch in this series. The construction seems really solid.

The frame around the screen is made of stainless steel, while the buttons, middle frame and back panel are made of polymer alloy – but it is really hard and there should be no problems with its durability. Here it is worth noting that if the manufacturer decided to use stainless steel in almost all elements, not only would the price of the device increase significantly, but also its weight, and this would certainly not translate into a better experience of using it.

When it comes to the design itself, it is definitely not a device for everyone. Although some time ago I was not convinced of this type of construction, but now I have to admit that the T-Rex Ultra looks really good. Of course, its solidity comes to the fore, but there is nothing to complain about the appearance either. The only thing that can be irritating is the large, red Amazfit inscription, which was placed on the plate on the right side of the case. Fortunately, the branding present on the straps present in T-Rex 2 has disappeared.

This is not a typical smartwatch – we find here as many as four buttons. They are (listed from top right, clockwise): Select, Back, Down, and Up. Although it is not difficult to guess what the individual buttons are for, we will return to the description of their operation later. By the way, it is worth noting that they are no longer signed in white, but look like they are engraved in a steel frame, which makes the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra look much more elegant.

Let’s stop for a moment at the straps of this watch I have already mentioned. It is a classic silicone strap, but made really solidly. It does not rub the wrist, nor does it sensitize – although I usually have no problems with it, there was once a case that when reviewing one of the smartwatches for you, my skin definitely did not like its straps.

The strap mounts themselves are solid and I can’t imagine someone breaking them out. To replace the belt, you have to make a bit of effort – unscrew two small, unusual screws.

At the bottom of the watch, there are sensors responsible for measuring our health and physical activity, as well as a connector for charging the watch.

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