The Triumph TE-1 concept is one of the most interesting electric motorcycles

The British motorcycle manufacturer boasted a new project – Triumph TE-1 . It must be admitted that it may turn out to be one of the most interesting two-wheelers powered by an electric motor. Attention is drawn to the attractive silhouette and the fast charging function.

Electrification also applies to two-wheelers

Electromobility is not only the Tesla , the city Mini Cooper SE , the impressively fast Porsche Taycan or the Volkswagen ID.3 , which is aimed at the people . Yes, most often we hear about electric vehicles in the context of cars, but this does not mean that electrification will not also affect motorcycles or scooters.

What’s more, we can already see not so few scooters powered by an electric motor on the roads. In addition, motorcycle manufacturing companies see quite an interesting future in electromobility and present prototypes that are worth paying some attention to.

Triumph TE-1 – pretty good range and quick energy replenishment

Triumph has shared some details about its new electric motorcycle. It is worth noting that it is not only a project developed by a motorcycle manufacturer, but also by three other British companies with experience in, among others, in electromobility. In addition, the entire project is funded by the government’s Zero Emission Vehicles Authority.

We learned that the Triumph TE-1 will be equipped with a 15 kWh battery. It is assumed that this will allow you to drive less than 200 kilometers. So we are dealing with a motorcycle that is unlikely to work during longer trips, but it can be a great choice for the city and suburban areas. Charging time from 0% to 80% is only 20 minutes.

The engines are to generate 107 hp during normal driving, but if necessary, for example when accelerating, it will be possible to reach 174 hp. Such power should be enough for really efficient movement.

It should be noted that although we are dealing with an electric, it does not try to stand out, like many competing designs. At first glance, the Triumph TE-1 looks like a classic motorcycle, which for many people can be its great advantage.

Unfortunately, it is currently only a prototype model. The Triumph TE-1 will not make its debut on the road soon. The manufacturer is currently waiting for a reduction in battery production costs to make the price of the motorcycle acceptable to potential customers.

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