Bosch: the motorcycle itself will call an ambulance to the scene of the accident

Motorcycles, like modern cars, receive further solutions whose task is to improve safety. Bosch presented Help Connect , a system designed to help two-wheelers after an accident in certain scenarios.

Automatic accident detection and emergency services call

In modern cars, packed with electronics to the limit, the most important element is not extensive infotainment systems or assistants who can efficiently park the vehicle in a designated place. The main advantage of using all these sensors, radars and computers that are able to process information collected from the environment very quickly is a higher level of security.

Yes, the driver is still the most important, but modern safety systems can help to avoid or reduce the effects of an impact. What’s more, when a serious accident occurs, the car can call the appropriate services. It is possible that thanks to this, the driver and passengers will survive.

Bosch Help Connect – help for motorcyclists after an accident

Looking at the list of advantages resulting from the use of safety systems in new cars, I am glad that similar solutions are finding their way to two-wheelers. All the more so because, as Bosch notes, the risk of dying in an accident is still 20 times higher for motorcyclists than for car drivers. It is worth noting that often an important factor that allows you to save lives is the efficiency of response and the quick arrival of an ambulance on the spot. It is precisely for this purpose that Bosch decided to implement Help Connect .

The solution proposed by Bosch is based on inertial sensors that are part of the motorcycle stability control module – Bosch MSC. It is used to monitor selected parameters up to 100 times per second, which allows you to obtain information about the current position and lean angle of the motorcycle. In addition, the system uses the “crash algorithm” to determine whether an accident has actually occurred.

If the system detects an accident, it connects to the driver’s smartphone. Then, using a mobile application, information about the accident scene is transmitted to the Bosch service center and from there to the emergency services, helping them to locate the injured party faster. Bosch points out that the automatic message can cut the time it takes for emergency services to arrive by up to half.

Initially , Bosch Help Connect will only be rolled out in Germany. After that, it will be gradually made available in other markets.

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