Not only cars. Honda announces electric motorcycles

Honda intends to electrify not only cars, but also motorcycles. The Japanese announced new plans, which include introducing 10 or even more electric two-wheelers in the next few years.

Motorcycle electrification

Previously, we could hear that Honda has really ambitious plans for electric cars. The company announced that by 2030 it will introduce 30 EV models, and the annual production is to amount to 2 million copies. What’s more, by the end of the decade, the sale of electric cars is to account for 40% of the entire fleet.

Looking at the above declarations, you can see that the manufacturer still intends to offer internal combustion engines. Of course, in markets where it will still be profitable and possible. We would like to remind you that the European Union will ban the sale of new internal combustion cars from 2035 .

Electrification will cover not only cars, but also motorcycles. According to the latest declarations, Honda plans to introduce at least 10 new models of motorcycles that will be powered by electric motors. Depending on the market, as well as customer needs, these will be, for example, electric scooters with replaceable batteries, which are to prove themselves, among others, on the road. in delivering parcels in the city.

Models that will be focused on giving pleasure and joy of driving will also not be taken away. Here you should expect quite good performance and sporty driving characteristics. They are to be based on the FUN EV platform, which is currently under development. Interestingly, the Japanese also announced the introduction of the Kids Fun EV two-wheeler, which is to ensure the joy of driving for the next generation.

Battery cooperatives and lower CO2 emissions

To popularize electric motorcycles, Honda has set up a joint venture in Indonesia, one of the major motorcycle markets, to provide a battery sharing service. The established company already runs a battery replacement service in Bali.

In addition, the company plans to launch a battery replacement service for three-wheeled electric taxis in India by the end of this year, and also wants to expand the battery replacement service to more Asian countries.

The manufacturer says it will achieve annual sales of 1 million electric motorcycles over the next five years and 3.5 million units (about 15% of total sales) by 2030. By 2040, Honda aims to achieve carbon neutrality in all its motorcycle products

It is also worth mentioning that despite plans for electric motorcycles, Honda will continue to develop internal combustion engines. ICE models will not disappear from the market so quickly and we will still be able to enjoy the sound of the engine screwed into high revs.

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