How does Oppo Reno 3 work as a motorcycle travel companion?

Some time ago, in the pages of Tabletowo, we conducted a competition in which the winner was Oppo Reno 3 . It was won by Michał, whose task – to keep the smartphone – was to test it and send us a review. You can check out the final footage below. I invite!

The author of the review is Michał, who won the Reno 3 in our competition.

Oppo Reno 3 is a strong representative of the mid-range of smartphones. This means that it belongs to the most extensive segment on the market and breaking through a huge number of competitors is not an easy task. I decided to help him or hinder him by testing him during a motorcycle trip around Podlasie and Masuria to see if he would be a good travel companion. Oppo boasts of many advantages of its smartphone, such as cameras, good battery, fast charging or video stabilization – and it is mainly about them that we will focus today. are you coming with me?

It is worth starting with the presentation of our hero, who appeared on the Polish market in April 2020. At first glance, looking at the 6.4-inch display and the finish, you might think that the device will weigh a bit. Still, its weight is only 171g, which makes OPPO Reno 3 quite light compared to other smartphones.

This was mainly due to the resignation from glass or metal. Instead, a plastic panel with a glossy finish was used, which in my opinion looks good enough that until we touch the phone well, we will be sure that we are dealing with a premium finish.

The tested copy is in Auroral blue. On the back cover we see a metallic gradient finish, which under the influence of the incident light gives a nice mirror effect that looks at least good.   

The camera assembly is mounted on the left side of the back of the phone and due to the fact that the module protrudes beyond the plane of the housing, when placed on a flat surface, Reno 3 is not stable, but sways based on the cameras. This problem is solved by a classic case, added in the set by the manufacturer.

The front of the phone is a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of FHD+ 2400×1080 pixels and a density of 411 PPI. In practice, the screen at the refresh rate of 60 Hz works smoothly, without glaring clipping, although it is a bit lacking for flagship smartphones. The brightness even on very sunny days is satisfactory, and the colors are vivid and pleasant to perceive. AMOLED in this phone is a definite plus. For me, a big plus is the protective film that is glued to the screen at the production stage.

At the top there is a small, neat island for the front camera, and the side frames are narrow. Unfortunately, we will not find a notification diode on the front (not on the back either, and nowhere at all). However, we will find the Off-Screen Clock function, thanks to which the current time and notification icons can be displayed on the screen all the time.

Let’s go! 

As a hobbyist photographer, I usually take my Nikon, which is an old, good-natured, amateur SLR camera, on such trips. I will also take it this time to compare photos taken with a large, uncomfortable SLR to photos from a smartphone that I always have in my pocket. Will my old SLR finally go to waste? Let’s check!

The purpose of our journey is to break away from the gray reality, visit beautiful places and, of course, test Reno 3. The last two can be combined thanks to a brilliant, little-known off-road game, which I immediately recommend to all of you. The whole fun is called Geocatching and consists in searching for caches hidden in interesting, picturesque or historical places.

Caches are hidden by other participants of the game and contain a visit log, in which successive finders enter, as well as small gifts for exchange. How do we know where the caches are? From the application installed on Reno 3, which will lead us to them with the help of navigation. There are plenty of hiding places and they are in really interesting places.

It’s noon, perfect sunny weather, so we mount the phone in the holder and what? And with maximum brightness, we can see everything on the screen. It was only with sunlight falling at a really unfavorable angle that you had to create some shadow with your hand to make the screen readable. We put a big plus here!

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