10 inexpensive motorcycle gadgets – something good for everyone

Most big cities have already opened the season for motorcyclists. And although May is already behind us, let’s face it – from week to week there will be more and more two-wheelers on the road. It’s time to look at what cheap gadgets can be useful to motorcyclists.

Although current fuel prices do not encourage traveling for pleasure alone, when the sun comes out and the thermometer shows over 15 ° C, it is difficult to refuse to put on clothes, a helmet and travel equipment – no matter what distance.

If you spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours on a motorcycle during the season, it is worth equipping yourself with motorcycle gadgets to make your journey safe, comfortable or simply pleasant. Here are 10 items worth considering.

1. Heated grips

Although 30-degree heat in the city undermines the sense of buying such an accessory, there are situations when even in July a gentle warming of hands is useful. Anyone who has driven at night or high in the mountains (for every additional 100 meters above sea level the temperature decreases by about 1 ° C) knows what I’m talking about.

For less than PLN 300, thanks to the Oxford Hot Grips Essential Commuter , we will forget about fingers freezing to the steering wheel, and when the rest of the group will warm the cold limbs, you will be able to comfortably order and sip cold drinks.

2. Navigation

You will think that I went crazy with the purchase of navigation in 2022, when most people already have a smartphone. I’ve seen people use flip flops as footwear on equipment that accelerates to 100 km / h in a few seconds, so I consider a separate navigation device to be less crazy.

In addition, such Apple advises against mounting iPhones on the handlebars of a motorcycle with a large engine – it may damage the camera due to the company’s presence in smartphones ; since the iPhone 7, optical image stabilization (OIS) and closed-loop autofocus.

A budget solution in the motorcycle navigation segment is offered by Navitel with the G550 Moto model . In the most important advantages, the company mentions an indefinite, lifetime map update, water-, dust- and shockproof housing. From the functions of the device itself, it is worth mentioning the quick search for destinations, the route bar or the lane assistant.

3. Smartphone holder

Of course, nothing prevents you from using your phone for navigation. Buying such a gadget is not a trivial matter – if the handle falls off in the car or the phone falls out, you can stop and fix the device. In the case of a motorcycle… this situation better never happen.

The most popular choice of motorcyclists is the RAM Mount X-Grip – a universal smartphone holder. Even the basic version for PLN 159, supporting devices with a width of up to 82 mm, should work every day.

4. Intercom

Once a fairy tale, used by groups of motorcyclists going on long trips. Today, a device thanks to which you do not have to give up talking even during a short ride with your partner. The price has also approached an acceptable level, which is not necessarily about solutions for 2,000. zlotys.

For PLN 250, you can easily buy the Ejeas V6 Pro intercom – with a range exceeding 1000 meters and a battery sufficient for 12 hours of continuous operation.

5. Anti-theft protection

Since I have my own two-wheeler, I have always been afraid that a random person from the street will decide to “rent it indefinitely”. Whether it was a 125 or something bigger; whether it was in the garage or on the street near the block. That’s why, right after buying the motorcycle, I bought anti-theft protection for the disc.

Although my security does not have an alarm, I recommend you to buy the Oxford Screamer model , which will fulfill its basic task one hundred percent – it will scare off potential petty thieves.

Motorcycle gadgets – summary

As you can see, I managed to fulfill the promise from the beginning of the text – the cost of any gadget does not exceed four figures and everyone has certainly found something that will definitely change their experience while riding a motorcycle.

Remember, however, that the best gadget is your own mind – thanks to it you can avoid accidents and enjoy the ride.

Oh, and the examples given are just examples – it is also worth looking around for other alternative accessories that you are interested in.

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