Wargaming got to Mars faster than Elon Musk! World of Tanks in a Sci-Fi climate

So far, World of Tanks has been associated mainly with the realities of war, mapping historical vehicles and places. Now, however, that will change as popular tanks move to Mars for Sci-Fi vibes.

World of Tanks in Sci-Fi and Mars!

Quite unexpectedly, the creators of World of Tanks announced that they had added a new, special mode to the game. It wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that it is groundbreaking and transfers the entire production to Sci-Fi climates. From May 11 to May 22, WoT players will be able to explore the mysterious surface of Mars, which has been specially adapted for this production!

What’s more, the creators announce that it won’t be a classic fight, well known to us from World of Tanks. Tanks will be replaced with Martian rovers, and these have been equipped with special reinforcements and skills (as well as a modern design).

Players, in turn, will have to take control of a space object (this one will be in the center of the map). I have to admit that it promises to be at least very interesting.

World of Tanks in a new reality

World of Tanks is a game that came out in 2010, so some of the solutions are naturally outdated. Of course, the developers are working hard to constantly develop this title and provide players with new content. This is also the case this time and you have to admit that they have prepared something very interesting. WoT fans can not only shoot enemies with laser projectiles, but also push them off the map straight into the void, acid lakes, chasms or straight onto rocks.

The publisher also claims that he has tried to create a unique soundtrack, which is supposed to provide a better experience and a unique atmosphere. Looking at these announcements, it’s easy to conclude that it’s a pity that the event will last only until May 22. If the mode is well received, it would be worth considering leaving it permanently. Especially since the classic forms of gameplay could have been boring for many people a long time ago.

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