It’s not a joke – you can test the car in AnTuTu

The creators of AnTuTu, an application known for its ability to check the performance of smartphones, have announced the release of a version designed for modern cars. The idea is definitely interesting, the more so that in modern cars it is not only the time to “hundreds” or the energy efficiency of the engine that counts, but also the performance of the computer responsible for the infotainment system.

AnTuTu in the car – beta testing has started

I can’t imagine a modern car in which the infotainment system, as well as the applications launched on it, would work crudely and jams would be visible. For me, the quality and efficiency of the software is extremely important, which is why I often mention the infotainment system among the main advantages of new BMW or Mercedes cars . While driving the Tesla Model 3 , in addition to the ranges offered, my interest was primarily aroused by the large screen and the software installed on it.

Of course, to ensure high performance, car manufacturers are reaching for more and more powerful processors and graphics systems. Some even boast of the performance of the installed computers – for example, Mercedes reported that the graphics system in the new generation of the S class offers 691 gigaflops, and the Tesla Model S is to be characterized by performance similar to PlayStation 5 .

However, how to compare the performance of computers in individual cars, so as not to rely solely on the numbers provided by the manufacturer? You can check the operation of the software, but due to different operating systems and non-overlapping applications, this will not necessarily be a reliable result. This problem apparently decided to solve the developers of the AnTuTu application .

According to the latest information, AnTuTu just got a car version. It is worth noting that public beta tests are currently underway, but there are plans to release a stable version of the application. Sounds interesting, but we have a different problem here. Well, considerable difficulties may arise when trying to run the application.

Currently, only a few will check the performance

Car infotainment systems are typically “enclosed environments”. Yes, there are ways to break some security, but car manufacturers are not necessarily interested in providing the user with the ability to upload applications from outside the official store. In addition, as I have already mentioned, we are dealing with many different platforms, often proprietary and officially closed to moderators.

Yes, we can download the AnTuTu application to an Android device, and then, when connected to the car, perform performance tests. But in the vast majority of cases, it won’t work. It will be necessary to break the security, but this may have various consequences, including the loss of warranty. Therefore, the release of the AnTuTu application in the car version should be treated rather as a curiosity.

However, the developers confirmed that the system in BYD cars works directly with their application and it is possible to obtain test results. Nice, but the cars of this Chinese manufacturer are definitely not a common sight on Polish roads.

It is possible, however, that over time the AnTuTu application will be more and more often found in cars. I won’t be surprised to see it officially appear on Android Automotive ‘s Google Play Store in the near future . After all, since we already have TikTok in cars , why would there be no other application known from smartphones?

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