In Apple CarPlay, however, you can change the air conditioning settings. Porsche showed the solution

From the level of Apple CarPlay, we cannot control the air conditioning or affect the functions of the vehicle itself. This is supposed to change in the new version of the software, but it has not yet been released. Meanwhile, Porsche has presented a workaround to this obstacle.

Limitations in the Apple CarPlay software

Both CarPlay and Android Auto , in their current form, resemble overlays on the screen of the infotainment system, which simply display selected applications installed on the smartphone. Communication with the car is very limited and we cannot control the air conditioning, choose the driving mode or change the seat position. We can’t even change the audio system settings – all you need to do is exit the Google or Apple overlay and then go to the car settings.

In the case of Apple CarPlay, this is about to change with the introduction of a completely new version of the software , which was shown last year, but we have not yet seen it made available to users. In cars in which manufacturers introduce appropriate changes, it will be possible to e.g. air conditioning control. In addition, CarPlay will be able to completely replace digital clocks.

News from Porsche for iPhone users

Porsche, however, is already introducing a solution that allows you to control the air conditioning, send destinations to the factory navigation, as well as view the battery charge level (in PHEVs and BEVs) and other data collected by sensors in the car. What’s more, the Germans boast that they are the first manufacturer to make this possible.

How did this happen? Porsche has used a clever workaround for Apple CarPlay’s limitations. Well, the My Porsche app , which is available on iOS, has received support for Apple software. Now it can also be displayed on the screen of the car when we connect an iPhone to it.

Definitely an interesting idea. In addition, unlike the all-new CarPlay, which is rumored to be available in selected cars later this year, it does not require any changes to the car itself. In addition, the function should also go to older Porsche models, which can be added to the My Porsche app.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that this approach, while quite clever, won’t be perfect. Well, there may be delays, because we do not have a direct connection between Apple CarPlay and Porsche. The whole thing is carried out by an application installed on a smartphone, which sends appropriate commands (e.g. raising the temperature) to the car, and only then changes are introduced in Porsche.

Initially, this functionality will be available in the new Cayenne, and then it will be implemented in other models. The corresponding app update is now available in the App Store.

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